Bob Marley Rolling Papers – King Size – 50 PK


You can purchase a single booklet or a full box of 50 booklets.


Kingsize has 33 leaves per booklet, 50 booklets per display box
1 1/4 Inch has 50 leaves per booklet, 25 booklets per display box


Bob Marley Rolling Papers for sale

Buy Bob Marley Rolling Papers, have been the first choice for avid smokers for centuries. The tobacco plant is widely believed to have started growing in about 6000 BC. It is also believed that Native Americans began using tobacco in various ways, smoking included, a few thousand years later.

Buy Bob Marley Rolling Papers

These Bob Marley Organic Hemp Rolling Papers features (50) booklets of King size Slim organic hemp papers per box! 33 leaves per pack. Made in Spain.

King size Slim papers are longer than a standard rolling paper which makes them great for rolling up a joint or spliff that you are going to share with a group of friends. Buy Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Bob Marley Rolling papers wholesale

Buy Bob Marley Rolling Papers ,Show your true Rastafarian spirit with these Bob Marley cigarette rolling papers. Made of natural and pure hemp, these rolling papers contain no trees. These Bob Marley King Size 110mm paper come in 15 different designs and 10 different quotations. Order these papers individually and you’ll receive a variation of what we have in stock at the time of purchase. Order a full box today to get them all!

Bob Marley Rolling papers near me

Rolling your own smokes gives you the freedom to choose what you put in the smoke. You choose the amount and brand of tobacco. These King Size rolling papers let you roll more tobacco then a regular rolling paper, Buy Bob Marley Rolling Papers.

Buy Smoking Rolling Papers wholesale

Buy Bob Marley Rolling Papers


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